A United Left on Labour's NEC

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From systemic racism to climate collapse, our political and economic system is in crisis. Things are not going back to normal any time soon.

The Labour Party has to tackle the failures of the rigged system head-on. That means embracing transformative socialist ideas that have massive public support and building a movement that can challenge the power of the billionaires and their bought-and-paid-for political elites.

This platform for power is needed not only to elect a Labour government but to rebuild our society once in government. Half-measures and small reforms won't be enough. The threats of the COVID crisis and an uninhabitable planet demand more than that.

It's time to build a Labour Party that can win in 2024 and fight for the future we need.

What is the NEC?

Labour's National Executive Committee (NEC) is the party's governing body, which oversees the way our Party is run.

  • It plays a crucial role in the process for deciding Labour’s manifesto.

  • It makes key decisions determining who can become a Labour parliamentary candidate and who can be elected in other internal Party elections.

  • It makes vital decisions about Party Conference including making recommendations for or against important rule changes.

  • It appoints the Party's general secretary and recently appointed the panellists for the inquiry into the leaked Labour report.

  • It is responsible for implementing the Party’s rule book and for managing the disciplinary processes.

In short, the NEC makes big decisions on behalf of the party. Therefore, who gets to sit on it and what their political beliefs and motivations are is extremely important.

Why are these NEC elections so important?

These elections are a huge opportunity for the left to build power in the party. We can push the leadership to adopt a Green New Deal 2030, support Black Lives Matter, and commit to a transformative post-pandemic policy programme, policies which are overwhelmingly popular with voters. But to do that we need more socialists on the NEC.

We can improve Party transparency, drive forward member-led democracy, ensure justice for the abuse and misconduct exposed by the ‘Labour Leaks’ and prevent any return to purges of membership and attempts to stitch up votes and break the Party’s rules.

We have the numbers to win this election. If we work together, we can win.

Our candidates:

Mish Rahman

Mish Rahman


As a working class man of Bangladeshi heritage whose father campaigned with the Anti-Nazi League against the National Front, I’ve always been a committed anti-racist activist. I’m one of the first graduates of Labour’s Bernie Grant Leadership programme, CLP Chair in Aldridge-Brownhills and an experienced Labour campaigner in the West Mids. I’ll be a strong voice for party members and for policies like the Green New Deal...


Gemma Bolton

Gemma Bolton


I am standing for Labour’s NEC to seek a mandate for a radical policy agenda going into the 2024 general election and unite the party in support of progressive policies, including public ownership, strong opposition to austerity, and a Green New Deal to tackle the climate emergency. These policies are overwhelmingly popular with voters and provide a platform for power to elect a Labour government...


Nadia Jama

Nadia Jama


I grew up under Thatcher’s government on a council estate near Orgreave, the daughter of a Somali steel worker and grand-daughter of a Liverpool docker. The authentic voices of working-class Black women must be central to our movement. I’ll be a strong voice for members and party democracy. To win, Labour must provide democratic socialist solutions to the unprecedented health, economic and environmental crises.


Yasmine Dar

Yasmine Dar


I’m standing for re-election to the NEC so I can continue to be a strong voice for grassroots members. My experiences as a BAME woman, a social worker, co-founder of a Children’s Charity, anti-racist activist and a Councillor have shaped my socialism and fuelled my determination to fight for a transformative Labour government for the many not the few...


Laura Pidcock

Laura Pidcock


The scale and intensity of the challenges facing working class people here in the UK and across the world needs to be treated with the seriousness and urgency it deserves. We are facing a prolonged workers’ rights crisis, a global environmental emergency, a global health pandemic and a huge political crisis. It is up to us to change the course of history...


Ann Henderson

Ann Henderson

I am standing for re-election to the NEC, committed to representing the views of the grassroots membership and improving support for CLPs. We face the most significant global public health and economic crisis of our lifetime, and must prioritise building on policies developed for our 2017 and 2019 manifestos to win anti-austerity, internationalist Labour governments...


Lara McNeill


Lara McNeill


I am re-standing to be your NEC Youth Rep on my record of: Fighting for a democratic party. Standing on an unashamedly socialist platform. Delivering a youth manifesto for the 2019 election. Organising political education, bringing together minds from across the international labour movement to inspire members. Working with unions to make the Party pay staff at least £10 an hour...


Ellen Morrison


Ellen Morrison


I am standing as NEC representative of disabled members because I believe our Party can do so much more for disabled members, and that I have the commitment and experience to represent you on the NEC. It’s time Labour empowers disabled members to take the decisions that affect us...


Mick Antoniw


Mick Antoniw


This election is about who represents you on the NEC, our governing body. Since joining the NEC, I’ve been unafraid to exercise my own judgement...
Mae’r etholiad yma yn cael ei gynnal i ddewis pwy sy’n cynrychioli chi ar y Pwyllgor Gwaith Canolig (PGC/NEC), ein corff llywodraethol ni. Ers ymuno â’r Pwyllgor Gwaith, lle bod angen, rwyf wedi lleisio fy marn yn ddi-ofn...


How to Vote

For the first time, elections for the NEC will take place by Single Transferable Vote. Find out how this works and how to maximise the chances of getting Grassroots Voice candidates elected.

Where is my ballot?

The Labour Party will email you a ballot on or soon after Monday 19 October - just follow the link in the email to cast your votes. Make sure you cast your vote before the deadline: midday on Thursday 12 November.

Which posts can I vote for?

All members can vote for the Constituency Labour Party (CLP) representative positions.

Young members (aged under 27) can vote for one youth representative.

Key dates:

Monday 19th OCT:

Labour begins emailing out ballots.

Thursday 12th NOV, noon:

Voting closes.

Friday 13th NOV:

Results announced.

What we stand for:

For a Green New Deal

Faced with the threat of climate collapse, we've got no time to waste. By 2030 we need to create a zero-carbon economy that works for the vast majority of society, not the billionaires.

For an economy for the many, not the few

Our rigged system is in crisis. Right now, falling profits for the billionaires means catastrophic unemployment for us. But it doesn't have to be that way. There is massive public support for transformative socialist policies that can create the future we need.

For liberation and equality

Our movement must join with Black Lives Matter in the fight for systemic change. We will take on the political elites who try and use racism and prejudice as weapons to turn us against one another. We will make sure our party is unified in the fight against racism, antisemitism, islamophobia, Afrophobia, homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, ableism, sexism, sexual harassment, and the scapegoating of migrant and Traveller communities.

The time for waiting is over. Let’s build a Labour Party that will fight for the future we need.

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A Green New Deal, vocal support for Black Lives Matter, a post-pandemic economy for the many: so much is on the line in Labour’s upcoming NEC elections. Contribute to the Grassroots Voice election fund and help fight for the future we need.